My work focuses on three areas:
Renewable energy policy, collective action, and health and environment.

Renewable Energy Policy

I study how public policy, energy markets, institutional arrangements, and interorganizational networks shape renewable energy deployment. I am currently interested in measuring public sentiment toward renewable energy using Twitter data, and examining how public sentiment relates to energy markets and public policy.


"Public Sentiment Toward Solar Energy: Opinion Mining of Twitter Using a Transformer-Based Language Model"
Serena Y. Kim, Koushik Ganesan, Princess Dickens, and Soumya Panda
Under Review.

"Make-or-Buy Decisions in Airport Solar Financing: A Transaction Cost Approach"
Serena Y. Kim
Under Review

"Institutional Arrangements and Airport Solar PV"
Serena Y. Kim
Energy Policy

Collective Action

I study how organizations and individuals overcome collective action dilemmas and develop institutions to mitigate risks and uncertainties associated with collective action.


"Updating the Institutional Collective Action"
Serena Y. Kim, William L. Swann, Christopher M. Weible, Thomas Bolognesi, Rachel M. Krause, Angela Y. S. Park, Tian Tang, Kiernan Maletsky, and Richard C. Feiock
Policy Studies Journal

"Practical Prescriptions for Governing Fragmented Governments"
William L. Swann and Seo Young Kim
Policy & Politics

“Collective Learning and Institutional Collective Action in Fragmented Governance”
Serena Y. Kim, William L. Swann, and Richard C. Feiock
In Knowledge for Governance. Vol 15. Knowledge and Space, edited by Johannes Glückler, Gary Herrigel, and Michael Handke

"Strategies for Collaborating in Fragmented Governments”
William L. Swann and Seo Young Kim
Policy and Politics Journal Blog

Health and Environment

I am generally interested in public policy issues related to health and environmental politics. I also work on projects that focus on health and environmental policy and management at the local level. I am currently interested in how built environments affect environmental and public health outcomes.


"Urban-Rural Disparities in Opioid Use Disorder Prevention and Response Activities: A Cross-Sectional Analysis"
William L. Swann, Sojeong Kim, Serena Y. Kim, and Terri L. Schreiber
Journal of Rural Health

"Local Policy Activity and Commitment to Addressing the US Opioid Crisis: A Cross-Sectional Survey of County Governments"
William L. Swann, Terri L. Schreiber, Steven Wright, Mark W. Davis, Sojeong Kim, Serena Y. Kim, Alex Osei-Kojo, and Megan Lamiotte
Journal of Public Health Management & Practice

"Community Resistance and Discretionary Strategies in Planning Sustainable Development: The Case of Colorado Cities"
William L. Swann, Shelley McMullen, Dan Graeve, and Serena Y. Kim
Urban Planning

"East Asian Way of Linking the Environment to Trade in Free Trade Agreements"
Min Gyo Koo and Seo Young Kim
The Journal of Environment & Development