Serena Kim

I am a Scholar in Residence in the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver and a Master's student in Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. I received a PhD in Public Administration and Policy from Florida State University and an BA in Public Administration and Economics from Yonsei University (Seoul, South Korea).

My research has focused on collective action problems and renewable energy policy. My work has appeared in Energy Policy, Sustainability, Policy Studies Journal, Policy & Politics, Journal of Rural Health, Journal of Public health Management & Practice, Urban Planning, and Journal of Environment & Development. My publications are available under [Research].

I am currently interested in measuring public sentiment toward solar energy and the diffusion of solar photovoltaic system using a Robustly Optimized BERT Pre-training Approach (RoBERTa) and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs).

Google Scholar Curriculum Vitae


March 2021 Op-Ed, "The Unequal Cost of Brittle Power Infrastructure."

Feb 2021 New article, "Public Sentiment toward Solar Energy—Opinion Mining of Twitter Using a Transformer-Based Language Model," in Sustainability.

Nov 2020 A guest talk at the seminar, "Dismantling Racism and Inequity in our Schools," in the School of Education, University of Colorado Denver.

Oct 2020 Grant awarded: “Integrated Solar Energy for Sustainable, Resilient, and Equitable Communities" by the Presidential Initiative on Urban and Place-Based Research. [Project Description]

Sep 2020 "Study: 20% of airports use solar energy; DIA among largest solar projects in U.S.," Colorado Politics.

Sep 2020 "Climate Change News: More Airports Are Going Solar To Protect Environment, Cut Costs," International Business Times.

Sep 2020 "Researcher Analyzes the Use of Solar Energy at Us Airports: 20% of Us Airports Have Adopted Solar Power in the Last Decade," Science Daily.

Sep 2020 "Study: 20% of Airports Use Solar Energy; DIA Among Largest Solar Projects in U.S.," The Gazette.

Sep 2020 "CU Denver Researcher Analyzes the Use of Solar Energy at Us Airports," Solar Daily.

Sep 2020 "CU Denver Researcher Analyzes Airport Solar PV Deployment," AZO Materials.

Sep 2020 "Only 20% of Nation’s Large Commercial Airports Incorporate Solar Power," Oklahoma Energy Today.

Jul 2020 New preprint Public Sentiment Toward Solar Energy: Opinion Mining of Twitter Using a Transformer-Based Language Model.

MAY 2020 A talk on "Survey Response Bias and Survey Weights" at The Schreiber Research Group.


I teach research methods, statistics, evidence-based policymaking, policy process, and policy analysis for Master of Public Administration (MPA) students. My syllabi and course materials are available under [Teaching].

For fun

When I am not in the office, I go to the Denver Performing Arts Center, Colorado Rockies games, and Denver Zoo (below). I like to do yoga, read, play the piano, and cook.

Denver Zoo